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$31.00 CAD $76.00 CAD

18K gold stainless steel set with black Jade earrings 

Black Jade encourages us to explore our vulnerabilities and shadows to them for what they really are, rather than for what we fear them to be. It helps us to do deep work and unpack negative unconscious beliefs we have long carried from our childhood or from our larger culture. Black Jade is also a protective stone, which makes it particularly well-suited to help us explore topics related to trauma and PTSD. It is an ideal crystal tool for shamanic journeying and other intense spiritual work. Black Jade encourages us to become spiritually mature and to have a grounded basis for our spiritual beliefs. It invites us to take our dreams out of the clouds, and to give them solid foundations in reality. Black Jade from Peru has Pyrite inclusions making it a particularly good stone for attracting financial abundance and security

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