Welcome to Mazza Boutique! Did You Know 'Mazza' means moon in the Circassian language? The moon symbolizes light in darkness. Time spent under this reflected light of the full moon has the power to be transformational, intense, and inspiring. It can also add intensity to whatever emotions are living in you, so it's helpful to be intentional about what you are focusing on. Our focus here at Mazza Boutique is to provide you with jewelry that is curated with positive vibes. All of our pieces are infused with good energy and have deep, positive meanings. Therefore, it only made sense to name our boutique after the moon. 
P.S. a little history for our Mazza Babes: if you didn't know who "Circassians" (also referred to as Cherkess/Adyghe) are, we are an indigenous Northwest Caucasian ethnic group and nation native to the historical country-region of Circassia in the North Caucasus. It only felt right to incorporate our ethnic roots into something we absolutely love & adore, Mazza Boutique 🫶