Did You Know 'Mazza' means moon in the Circassian language? And what are Circassians, might you ask? Well, first let’s dig into the moon….

The moon is a symbolism of light in darkness. Time spent under this reflected light of the full moon has the power to be transformational, intense, and inspiring. It can also amplify whatever emotions that are living within you. We absolutely love the meaning behind the ‘moon’ as it defines everything Mazza Boutique is. We are firm believers in being intentional with anything you focus on, just as our founder did with her side hustle for the love of fashion. She turned a dream into a reality. With hard work, dedication, and focus - Mazza Boutique grew from a small bedroom to a seven-figure fashion accessories brand phenomenon. 

Mazza Boutique is collections of curated accessories infused with good energy. Discover a variety of pieces that were made to match your aesthetic and connect with your soul. All of our pieces are infused with positive vibes and have deep, profound meanings. Just as the moon holds many special meanings, we hope that when you are accessorising your outfits - you are wearing pieces that hold meaning to you.


As for Circassians, also referred to as Cherkess/Adyghe. We are an indigenous Northwest Caucasian ethnic group and nation native to the historical region of North Caucasus. The peoples of the Caucasus, or Caucasians, are a diverse group comprising more than 50 ethnic groups throughout the Caucasus. Our ethnic background holds deep meaning to us. Without our ancestors, traditions, and instilling values within us generation after generation, such as - discipline. We wouldn’t be here, or who we are today.

Arrows in the Circassian flag