What is your jewelry made of?

  • All of our jewelry are made of either 14K / 18K gold electroplated - Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Brass (free of lead & nickel), 18K Gold Filled, 18K Gold Vermeil.

Will my neck turn green?

No, we have never had a complaint of someone’s neck turn green in all of the years we have selling our jewelry (since 2016). We believe in quality, and provide our customers with the best! All items are free of lead and nickel.

Is your jewelry unisex?

Yes! Everyone is welcome here.


Care Instructions:

Stainless Steel:

  • Your Mazza Boutique stainless steel products are hypo-allergenic. Stainless steel is durable and resists corrosion and oxidation. Our jewelry will not rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green, even if worn daily.  Like many other metals, stainless steel can get scratched and lose it's luster, therefore becoming dull. However, this does not mean you throw out your stainless steel jewelry since restoring it is easy to do and can be done right at home. Believe it or not, baking soda is a great cleaner for stainless steel jewelry. Making a thick paste of baking soda mixed with water, use a toothbrush to slowly clean your jewelry. Once you've cleaned it thoroughly take a lint-cloth to dry your piece an ensure it's completely dry. (YouTube has many videos that show how to do this). You can also purchase stainless steel jewelry cleaner online, such as Amazon.

Sterling Silver:

  • With proper care, your Mazza Boutique sterling silver pieces should give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment. Simple things - like paying attention to how you store, wear, and clean your sterling silver jewelry, can prolong its life dramatically. Remember to always store your jewelry in a dry and air-tight place. Wear your jewelry often, but be sure to remove it when showering, swimming, or working with certain chemicals or foods that contain sulfur. As a general rule, it’s always best to put on your jewelry last when getting dressed. These small and simple steps will help keep your sterling silver jewelry looking brilliant for years to come. We highly recommend using ‘Hagerty 15507 7-ounce Silver Cleaner, white’ to clean your sterling silver jewelry which can be purchased off of Amazon. We recommend using it once every 3 months. You dip your jewelry into the solution for about 1 minute, wash with cold water, then pat dry. 


  • Don’t wear your metal jewelry in the shower or swimming. Water can be very harsh on metals.
  • Avoid storing brass and gold-plated jewelry in the bathroom or humid environments. Humidity is very bad for metals and will cause them to tarnish.
  • To store your metal jewelry, wrap each piece in soft fabric and store in an airtight bag. Try to store each piece separately so that different materials don’t scratch one another.
  • We suggest using either a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or mild soap and water on your metal jewelry. Always make sure to wipe off with water and dry your jewelry completely after cleaning.
  • Do not use any products that contain alcohol, this can ruin the finish.
  • You can use a mix of baking soda, lemon juice and water. Scrub it on with a soft cloth or toothbrush, wipe off, and dry.
  • After cleaning, you can buff your jewelry with a soft cloth to give it a nice finish.

18K Gold Filled:

  • We recommend that customers remove jewelry before going to bed or participating in physical activity. Remove jewelry prior to bathing or swimming.

  • Exposure to certain harsh chemicals or environments will result in compromising the integrity of your jewelry. This includes the following: perspiration, cleaning agents, chlorine, salt water, harsh chemicals, perfumes, lotions.

  •  Never use abrasive products to clean your jewelry. They can damage your jewelry irreparably.  We recommend you to invest in a jewelry cleaner or you can use baby shampoo and plain water.

  • Humidity is the enemy ; always remember to keep your jewelry dry. Store your pieces inside the jar and keep the plastic bag we provided you with your purchase , this way you will be able to storage your jewelry individually and protect your jewelry from scratches.

  • Pay attention to the area you use your perfume, hairspray and other types of liquids or lotion. Harsh chemicals can tarnish your jewelry overtime.